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Oct 22 2009


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We did some volunteer English conversation classes with the refugees here in McLeod Ganj/Dharamasala.  Most of them were Buddhist nuns and monks.  It was really interesting to chat to them and hear about their experiences.  A lot of them were ex-political prisoners. Many had been tortured and banned from going back to their monasteries because they were protesting against the Chinese presence in Tibet and what they see as the attempted destruction of their culture. Some of them had been in exile and hadn’t seen their families for over ten years.  There are lots of NGO’s doing great work and there are lots of Tibetan cultural organisations and Buddhist monasteries in the area.  It’s like they are trying to incubate their culture in India with the hope of one day getting back to Tibet.  It’s great that the Indian government is allowing them to do that (there are other Tibetan communities in exile in other parts of India) but if things don’t change in China soon, their future is precarious.

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