Sunset during Vipassana retreat

By: thisisnotspicy

Jan 13 2010


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We did a ten-day Vipassana meditation retreat here(click here for link) in Kerala.   It was an amazing  experience.  10 days of silence and ten hours meditation per day. Living like a monk basically, eating simple vegetarian food, 4am starts every morning, in bed at 9.   Really intense and challenging, both mentally and physically but completely worthwhile. 
It’s the type of thing that you really need to experience for yourself to understand.  So I won’t try to give a detailed description. The technique is all about observing your own body and mind and nurturing equanimity by exploring the habit pattern of your mind at a deep, subtle level of consciousness.  I had more or less got the technique by the end of the retreat and the idea is to keep the daily practice going afterwards.  That can be more difficult.

It’s called Vipassana and if any body is interested in hearing more about it Maria or myself could give you a more detailed explanation.  It was a unique experience, and I’d recommend it.  Whatever about mastering the technique, the time at the  retreat feels like a very long, very deep look inside yourself, which can be very valuable in itself.


2 comments on “Sunset during Vipassana retreat”

  1. existe! no solo es una foto de almanaque!

  2. Some of our photos are just really fucking cool!

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