This is a short video we took of a procession in Gokarna.

By: thisisnotspicy

Jan 26 2010

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Seen as we couldn’t upload videos to the blog without running out of capacity, we’ve uploaded some to Youtube.  Below is the link to a short video clip of a Hindu procession in Gokarna.  Gokarna is a pilgrimmage destination for Hindus, and the night we were there the Brahmins (Hindu monks) were carrying a flame from one of the temples through the streets.  The man here is taking a flame from the Brahmins to bring it in to his house.   Of course the chaos continues all around!

Just click here to view the video.

If you’re new to Youtube and the video keeps starting and stopping, just press pause and let the faded red line in the background run to the end and then press play again


2 comments on “This is a short video we took of a procession in Gokarna.”

  1. What a wonderful gift you have given us, Maria! I love to think of you traveling around the world. I’m sorry I will miss seeing you in Buenos Aires at the end of the month. At the same time, I am even more happy that you are getting to experience India!
    Love from both of us,
    Julia and Allan

  2. Lovely to hear from you. And to know you are sharing the experince with us.
    When are arriving in Buenos Aires ? So I can picture myself having dinner at home with you all !
    2 Big Hugs. One each.

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