Welcome to our shared blog of the trip to Asia this year. We spent almost 5 months in India, Nepal, Thailand and Malaysia between January and June. Most of that time was in India, an incredible place that really is beyond words. These are some of our favourite photos with some comments and descriptions, enjoy!

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Jul 05 2010

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This is the route that we took.  We started in Mumbai and went south down the West coast and back up  to Chennai.  From there we took a 36-hour train to Delhi.  We spent another 5-6 weeks traveling around the North before going to Nepal.  We came back to India and caught a flight from Calcutta to Bangkok and spent the last 3 weeks of our trip on the islands in Thailand and Malaysia.

Below are some tools to make it easier to navigate the site. Don’t try to navigate the site using the date that the photos were taken, that won’t work.   There are a lot of photos, so take your time and maybe save our link and come back again (the next time you’re bored in work, maybe!) The photos are presented in chronological order but  at the bottom of each post you can see the different categories. That will allow you to see the photos by place, activity, etc… and will allow you to avoid the ones you have already seen if you have visited the blog before. There is also numbers besides the placenames: number 1 is the first place we have visited : )

Enjoy it  !